Uk Patients

Mr Khan made me feel at ease in the lead up to my surgery, answering any questions (however silly!) I had whist still explaining any risks etc. There was a bit if a mix up between him and one of my other consultants which resulted in my original surgery date being postponed which was difficult at the time but this was later resolved. My surgery was very successful and I don’t think Mr Khan could have done a better job. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Mr Khan comes across as quite a laid back character and I think this can help put his patients more at ease.

I would have liked to have been kept more up to date in the lead up to my surgery (confirming a date for it) as I did have to phone his secretary a number of times but she couldn’t really tell me anything. It’s an anxious time waiting for a date for your surgery and it would have been nice to have been kept more informed where possible, instead of being given a weeks notice. But overall a great surgeon.