Temporary Lobe Surgery

Zeeshan Faisal, a resident of Charsadda, was suffering from a chronic disease since the age of 5, which made him struggle to lead a healthy and active life. From UK and US at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad. ′′ Temporary Lobe Surgery ′′ was successfully performed under the supervision of Zeeshan’s innovative technique under the supervision of trained neurosurgeon, Dr. Akbar Khan, which is an extremely complex and sensitive method of treatment. This surgery was separated specific small parts of the brain, which is the reason. Epilepsy visits occur and Dr. Zake must be experienced and have a multidisciplinary team to provide necessary care to the patient under international standards. It has been one year since Zeeshan’s surgery and During this period he is participating in school activities and living an active life. Zeeshan’s healthy lifestyle is a clear proof of the success of modern treatment.



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