Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

My practice is designed to allow expert assessments to be performed on patients with spinal and other related problems. In the same area as the consultation suites allows for combined consultations with physiotherapist when needed. For example, if, for a particular patient, surgery is the best treatment option, the patient may be seen in a joint consultation by Dr Akbar Khan and therapist. This allows the patient to discuss the global issues regarding the impending operation, as well as the very important aspects of the overall treatment, namely return to fitness thereafter.

If the situation  is severe and surgery is needed, many patients will benefit from undertaking an exercise regime before their operation, to hasten their recovery afterwards.

Advice on dietary modification in regard to the spinal problem will be given, or appropriate referral to a dietitian or nutritionist will be made. most people are stressed at the prospect of undergoing back surgery, even though this is often a lot less invasive than is generally believed. Counselling is available in-house, to manage these issues.

Most back problems result from a combination of poor posture, either when seated at a desk at work, or during walking and in particular lifting. Furthermore, inappropriate self-taught exercises may actually make matters worse. This can lead to chronic pain in the lower back (lumbar spine) or neck (cervical spine). People in certain occupations or with particular recreational habits may be more prone to such problems. A number of people are born with a weakness in the spine, which may predispose them to problems, such as back pain, later in life.

These problems are exactly the ones which therapy can address. The trained physical therapist can, through a range of postural and dynamic exercises, educate the patient to develop a better posture or lifting pattern and by improving muscle tone, as well as usage, increase overall fitness. Most patients who are seen in the clinic will be offered physiotherapy as their initial treatment option, unless they have a condition requiring urgent surgery, or they have already been under an experienced physical therapist and failed to benefit. Such patients may well go on to need surgery. Any patient undergoing an intervention procedure by Dr Akbar Khan will be pre-assessed by our own, highly trained, staff. This should smooth the course after treatment and should improve the overall outcome. The patient will be aware of the necessary goals in terms of recovery that are likely to be set, and how best to achieve these.​