Redo Brain tumour surgery

Redo Brain tumour surgery

Last Month a patient came to see me having travelled half way across Pakistan.

They had been deteriorating for a few months due to a brain tumour, to the point that they became wheel chair bound.

The tumour had been operated previously but had recurred. It was causing a lot of pressure on the brain.

The patients family was in distress and losing faith in the medical profession.

I discussed with the patient and their family and we made the decision to re-operate and remove more tumour.

I saw the patient back in clinic a week ago. They were walking and much improved, though will need ongoing treatment under the oncology team.

Around 1 in 5 of my cases has been a redo-surgery. This includes pituitary, brain tumour and spinal cases. These cases are more challenging surgically, but can offer extended and improved quality of life for patients in the right circumstances.

I treat my patients as I would expect my family members to be treated. This is how I was trained and will always underpin my clinical practice.



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