Podiatry, a medical specialty dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human foot. They can deal with most problems affecting the feet, even some requiring routine surgical procedures. Many patients suffering from back pain do so because of foot issues. If one foot hurts, walking is difficult and asymmetrical and this puts a strain on the spine, which may lead to damage and then pain. Some of us have developed with one leg longer than the other, again causing a curve in the spine (scoliosis), which can lead to damage to discs and joints.

The podiatrists will resolve these problems, either by dealing with the painful condition causing the gait abnormality, or by using exercises, insoles, or orthotics to correct the difference in leg length and re-balance the pelvis and hence the spine.

As many as 15% of patients attending with back pain have a leg length asymmetry and often the back pain can be relieved simply by sorting out this issue.