Minimally invasive craniotomy for ICH

Minimally invasive craniotomy for ICH

I have been working to develop a Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical service at Shifa.

I recently performed a minimally invasive procedure for a common neurosurgical emergency e.g brain haemorrhage, which traditionally would have involved a large cut to the head and risked damage to part of the brain that is still working.

I, along with my team at SHIFA International developed a device that could be introduced via a small craniotomy and the clot could be removed via endoscopic approach.

The patient made a good recovery following the surgery. Thanks be to Allah.

I have also been able to use this technique for certain brain tumours with good results.

I believe in innovation and advancement in the best interest of the patient and will continue to provide the highest level of care in Pakistan, equal to that provided at any top ranking international institution in the world.



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